Seattle-Portland-Los Angeles (Coast Starlight)


Hailed as one the most spectacular rail routes on America’s west coast, the Coast Starlight travels through beautiful valleys, striking mountain passes and lush forested areas before finally hugging the mesmerizing Pacific Coast on the final leg into Los Angeles. Little wonder that the journey is so popular, carrying almost 425,000 passengers every year.

Stretching for 2,216 kilometres (1,377 mi) in total, the Coast Starlight begins its journey from Seattle’s King Street Station ending in Union Station, Los Angeles. Along the way, it passes through the fertile corridor between the snow-covered peaks of the Cascades to the east and the Coastal Ranges to the west, and crosses the great Columbia River.

It then progresses through the scenic wildernesses of the Williamette, Deschutes and Shasta national forests, before meeting the Pacific at Santa Maria in Southern California on its way to its final destination.


Running daily, the 35-hour journey incorporates Portland, Albany, Eugene, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose and Santa Barbara along the way. The train’s bi-level Superliner coaches and sleeping cars offer luxury on board, while world-class meals are available in the Dining Car. The Pacific Parlour Car boasts a theater, bar and coffee services, as well as offering superb views of the passing landscape.

And even in coach, spacious seating ensures real comfort, so that making a journey on the Coast Starlight is memorable for everyone on board.

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