PDF eBook | Canada By Train: The Complete VIA Rail Travel Guide

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PDF eBook | Canada By Train: The Complete VIA Rail Travel Guide

Majestic in its vastness, with a storied past and astonishingly diverse landscapes, Canada is a fascinating travel destination. VIA Rail, Canada’s national passenger train service, makes visiting this breathtaking country a truly memorable experience.

Enhance your trip of a lifetime with Canada by Train, the complete guidebook to train travel with VIA Rail. From planning your journey to packing your bags, from learning railway lingo to seeing sights along the way, this valuable book contains all the information you need.

Full of useful facts and vivid photographs, this essential guide from the authors of USA West by Train provides current, comprehensive details on train services and safety measures. One chapter chronicles the fascinating history of the railway that shaped the nation. Inside you’ll also find:

Over 500 full-colour illustrations and photographs
Fully updated information on schedules, fares and pass options
Personally researched mile-by-mile route guides
Practical suggestions on travelling light, settling in sleepers and coaches, tipping, and much more

Whether you’re touring the friendly Atlantic region, visiting the magnificent Rockies, or travelling clear across the country, Canada by Train will make every rolling landscape more alive. The book itself is as interesting as the scenery, making it a charming souvenir—a perfect way to remember your VIA Rail journey.


Canada By Train


The Complete VIA Rail Travel Guide


PDF eBook




Chris Hanus and John Shaske


WAY OF THE RAIL, 2nd edition (April 1, 2014)

20+ years of expert advice

Real adventures — described in detail by experts who share their experiences. Having our guidebook or map guide in your daypack is like having Chris Hanus and John Shaske as your own personal tour guides along on your trip.

Chris Hanus — Chris grew up on the West Coast, where he was charmed early on by the romance of the rails. He spent 10 years working in marketing and customer service for Canada’s national passenger rail service, becoming an expert on the railway system in the process. He has so far logged more than 482,000 kilometres (300,000 mi) on train routes across North America — and still feels a thrill when the train leaves the station.

Chris established WAY OF THE RAIL Publishing in 2002, in response to a growing demand for printed guides on North American railway journeys. In 2003 he published the award-winning British Columbia and Canadian Rockies: Railway Map Guide , a pioneer travel publication now in its second edition. He also contributed to the soon-to-be-released USA West by Train Amtrak guidebook.

Chris Hanus Author of Canada By Train

John Shaske — Founder and president of John Steel Rail Tours, John discovered his passion for trains when he was just four years old. His family often travelled by train between central Alberta and the Pacific coast, and John learned a great deal about trains during those trips. He dreamed of becoming a railway engineer.

Fortunately, some dreams never die. In the winter of 1981, after John was asked to guide a BC Rail trip to Lillooet, in the province’s interior, he became permanently hooked on train travel. For years John studied every aspect of the rail business and worked in railroading. In 1990 he founded John Steel Rail Tours. The company is now famous all over the world, and John is rightly regarded as a North American rail expert.

John Shaske Author of Canada By Train

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