Below, we have answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our travel guides. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, or would like to provide feedback, please email us.

Customer Service

At WAY OF THE RAIL, we care deeply about our readers. However, we cannot accept responsibility for any consequence arising from the use of our guides. We make every effort to ensure that our guidebooks are up to date when each edition goes to print. If you find that the information given in our guide is no longer current, please let us know. We welcome any comments about our guides, and we will make every effort to incorporate our readers’ suggestions and make our guides as practical and useful as possible.

To thank you for your suggestions and feedback, we will send a free copy of our guide to readers whose information or ideas are incorporated in the next edition.

Please send contributions to the Publishing Manager.

If you are interested in licensing the content of our Map Guide/Guidebook series or of our website, please send details to Content Licensing.

It is also possible to license our pictures. If you are interested, please send request to Photography with the details of the relevant Map Guide/Guidebook title, its date of publication, and page number/s for the photographs you would like to license. A reproduction fee will be charged for any licensed use, and a search fee will be charged for multiple requests.

Please note that the copyright of the majority of images in our guides belongs to individual photographers and agencies. We do our best to provide contact details but cannot guarantee to have relevant information available in all cases.

We frequently receive inquiries about getting published. WAY OF THE RAIL doesn’t accept unsolicited manuscripts, we can offer the following advice on getting your materials printed.

Your local library is a great resource for aspiring writers. There, you’ll find a wealth of information on writing and the publishing process. Three guides that are particularly useful for Canadian writers are The Book Trade in Canada, the Canadian Publishers Directory, and The Canadian Writer’s Market.

When you feel that your work is ready to go to print, you should look for a literary agent. An agent can objectively advise you on your work and on the most suitable publisher to approach with your manuscript. What’s more, an agent can negotiate the best deal with the publisher on your behalf. A comprehensive listing of Canadian literary agents can be found in The Canadian Writer’s Guide published by Fitzhenry and Whiteside. We wish you the best of luck in your endeavour and hope you have every success in placing your work.

We wish you the best of luck in your endeavour and hope you have every success in placing your work.

If you're a member of the media and would like to learn more about WAY OF THE RAIL Guide's or a particular destination, interview a travel expert, or request a review copy of our guidebooks or digital products, please contact Public Relations.

If you are a foreign publisher and are interested in publishing any of our guidebooks in another language, please send details to Foreign Rights.

To request that your establishment be considered for inclusion, please send details to Editors.

You may also send a brochure or information packet to our office at

4498-349 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC

Your message will be sent to the appropriate editor for review. We feature only those establishments personally vetted by our writers and editors.

Digital PDF eBook Guides

PDF ebooks are exactly the same as our print guidebooks, only available in digital form. All we have done is to convert the book, page by page, into an Adobe PDF file, which is viewable on any PDF reader. So, you can enjoy immediate access to essential rail travel hints, full-colour route maps, interesting facts and inspirational images, straight from your own electronic device (tablet, iPad or laptop), allowing you to plan your journey with confidence even while on the go.

There are several PDF reader software options to choose from, but we recommend the free Adobe Reader software and app, which can be downloaded from Adobe’s official website. When you purchase our digital guide, WAY OF THE RAIL will send a PDF (all devices) file version for you to download. Please note, PDF does not offer the same level of functionality as ePub files.

When buying our Canada By Train travel guide, we recommend using Adobe Reader to open it. Why? It’s not just because it’s free and easy to download, but also because it won’t harm your existing software or files, and provides superb quality image reproduction every time. Other PDF readers include iBooks and Goodreader, but to download or update your free Adobe Reader, visit the official Adobe website.

Purchasing our ebooks and guides is simple and secure. Once your payment is successfully processed, just follow the simple steps to downloading.

Download Immediately:
An order confirmation screen will pop up
Click the link to download immediately
Save in a specific location on your computer
Can't find it? Check your Downloads folder

Download Later:
Order Confirmation email sent automatically to you
Click the link to download or wait
Wait no more than 2 months from the date of purchase
Can't find your email? Check your Spam, Junk or Deleted Items folders
Still missing? Contact us directly, we’d be happy to help

Because we know how things like technical errors, computer crashes and download limits can really throw a spanner in the works, we offer 5 downloads to each of your purchased PDFs.

Please note that download times can vary depending on the speed of your internet connection. So, with some single-file PDF guidebooks being more than 100 MB, if your connection is slow you might like to fix yourself a cup of tea, put your feet up and dream some more of the rail journey that awaits you.

If you use an Apple device – like iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone or iTouch – a PDF will open by default either through your web browser or through the preview function. But this only allows you to view the file, and does not mean the file has been downloaded and saved.

To avoid losing your ebook when you turn off your device, you must save it to your PDF reader app (Adobe Reader, iBooks, Goodreader). All you need to do is tap your screen and then follow the open and save prompt that pops up.

Alternatively, you can go through your home computer:
download the files to your computer
attach them to an email
send it to the email account on your device

This has the added advantage of providing the best backup should you lose access to your files on your device. Just make sure you save the email or save the files to your computer.

We believe it’s important that copyright laws are fully respected. After all, it is all that protects authors and publishers and ensures their hard work is fairly compensated. For this reason, our digital guides are fully protected through Digital Rights Management (DRM) technologies. So, while you can print the files and zoom in to have a closer look, you cannot edit, insert or copy text, or merge individual PDFs together.

Unfortunately, you are not able to highlight text either. Adobe doesn’t allow us to distinguish between the text highlighting function and other copy and edit functions. But, as soon as the program does allow us to do so, we’ll update our files and pass that function on to you.

By the way, you may find some devices or software applications may try to convert our files from PDF to another file type. Sorry, but DRM does not allow this conversion.

Not at all. Everything that appears in our print editions appear in our PDF eBooks too. So, whether you opt to buy the hardcopy or the digital copy, you get precisely the same quality in information, images and value for money.